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Car Smoke Odor Removal Service

Removing smoke odor from your interior can be a challenging task. The lingering smell of nicotine and tobacco tends to embed itself deeply within cloth fibers throughout your entire interior, even in hidden areas.

Two key factors determine how successful we can be in removing the odor: the duration of smoking and the intensity of smoking. The longer and more intense the smoking activity, the more difficult and time-consuming it becomes to reduce the odor to a satisfactory level. In cases where there has been severe and prolonged smoking, such as years of heavy smoking, the chances of completely eliminating the odor are extremely low.

In such instances, while we can definitely reduce the smoke odor, getting rid of it entirely would require replacing some of the fabric materials, such as the headliner, carpeting, and floor mats.

Intensive Interior Cleaning and Odor Removal Process

Our intensive interior cleaning and odor removal process is designed to address smoke odor at any level. However, it's important to note that this is not a quick 3-hour job like our Full Interior Cleaning service. To ensure the process is done correctly, we require the vehicle to be dropped off at our shop location for a minimum of one day.

Our goal is not to mask the smoke odor with fragrances or perfumes. Instead, we aim to remove, reduce, and eliminate the layer of nicotine and tobacco that has permeated your interior. This is the only way to achieve long-term results. We want to ensure that once we deliver the car back to you, the odor does not return.

Over the past year, we have successfully tackled numerous vehicles with heavy smoke odor, and we are highly confident in our process. We invite you to schedule a time and date to visit our shop, where we can inspect your interior and discuss the options available to you.

It's important to note that proper smoke odor removal specialists are limited in Winter Park FL. Simply shampooing or steaming the interior is insufficient to significantly reduce or eliminate the odor. We specialize in the thorough and effective removal of smoke odor, providing you with a fresh and odor-free interior.


All Surfaces Are Vacuumed

Every surface, like under the seats, carpeting, floor mats, will be thoroughly vacuumed

Clean All Plastic & Leather Surfaces Smoke Odor

Using a specific smoke odor cleaner, all the plastics, leather, and rubber surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned (even the hard to reach areas)

Extract All Fabric Surfaces Smoke Odor

Using our hot water extractor and a tobacco specific cleaner, the seats, carpet, floor mats, seat belts, and if possible, headliner will be shampooed

Clean All Windows & Mirrors Smoke Odor Removal

Every interior window and mirror will be cleaned to remove smoke residue and leave a streak-free appearance

Completely Dry Interior

Before we can continue, the interior must be 100% dry. We'll place 3 to 6 air movers and a Dehumidifier inside the interior to speed up the drying. Based on the condition, this varies significantly in time.

Begin Ozone Treatment

With our commercial grade Ozone machine, we'll run the treatment for 2 to 5 hours depending on the condition and repeat as needed

Replace Air Filter Smoke Odor

We will replace your cabin air filter with a new one. The filter traps smoke odor and will circulate back into the interior when the AC is on if not replaced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you remove seats?

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At this time, we ONLY remove the seats for the Odor Removal services.

Can you guarantee the smoke odor will be removed?

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The extent to which we can eliminate smoke odor from a vehicle's interior depends on the severity of the odor and the condition of the interior. Our objective is to remove the smoke odor as much as possible, and if feasible, completely. We stand behind our smoke odor process, and if the odor returns within a few days or weeks after the initial treatment, we will perform another Ozone treatment at no extra cost.

Can you do this at my home or office location?

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Although we do provide mobile detailing services, we have decided to discontinue this service as a mobile service due to the extensive cleaning required. The unpredictable outdoor elements, such as heat, rain, humidity, and debris, make it exceedingly challenging to execute the job correctly. Furthermore, completing the task can take over 12 hours. To ensure optimal results, we request that you drop off your vehicle at our shop for a minimum of 1 day.

How much are the services?

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It’s going to depend on the service you want plus the size and condition of the vehicle. You can click on any of the services mentioned on this page to get a general price range. You can also Request a Quote or give us a call and we’ll give you an instant quote. We just need to know a few details about your needs.

What products do you use for your smoke odor removal service?

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In order to remove odors, we utilize specialized equipment and products designed to neutralize, minimize, and eliminate smoke odors. Our approach is not limited to using standard degreasers or steam cleaners to clean fabric surfaces. Instead, each step we undertake is carefully designed to serve a specific purpose and ultimately achieve our desired outcome.

Will I smell any chemicals once the service is complete?

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You will NOT smell any chemicals after our Smoke Odor Removal service! This is one of the reasons why we require you to drop off the vehicle at our shop. The only way you won’t smell any of the cleaning process is if we give it enough time to air out. We expedite that process by placing multiple air-movers and dehumidifiers across the interior.

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